Saturday, March 29, 2008


My 11 yr old daughter loves gymnastics. She is in the gym 4 hrs/day, 4 days /wk. She's a level 7. She competed level 6 in the fall and moved straight to level 7 in January. This is the policy of our gym, as well as many gyms. We have been going to meets since October, 2007. She did well at the level 6 state meet....6th all around. I can't remember any of the's all a blur.
Today we went to the level 7 state meet. We drove 4 hrs, stayed in a crummy hotel with a crummy "continental breakfast." She had her worst meet of the season!!! We're afraid to see what she placed all around. She was 9th on the beam.
We prayed for favor. She gave it all to Him. And she bombed...........
So during the 4 hr drive home.......I wrestled with God. Why???
He reminded me of my entry to this blog about the Tapestry. My daughter went down into the valley and faced her giants. Did she win?? Well, she remembered to call on the Lord. She decided to give it all to Him. WIN-lose.
We all have heard the analogy of the tapestry. We see one side of it, but God sees the whole thing. I don't know what to tell her about her scores, but I know that the Lord was there with her. And I know that He knows what's best for her. Tough stuff. But I know He was there.
She competed with very sore heels. Courage.
She can't wait to get back to the gym Monday. Perseverence.
She congratulated the competition at the resaurant we had lunch at. Good sportmanship.
She's asking questions, but not doubting the Lord. Faith.


Tammy aka bunchie said...

What a testimony of her faith! Thanks for sharing it! Also for the freebies!

Janet said...

Cool beans...a win, no matter what! God is good & what he's working in her is far outweighing any trophy or placement in the temporary meets of this world! I'm sorry Danielle didn't do better, but like you reality... she's a winner!